#MyBachelorPad. To Be Continued… [VIDEO]

Ever since I lived in London I have wanted to live in a city. Mostly for the convenience of location but also because I have a longing to live in New York. For now Cape Town is the closest option.

After months of initially searching rentals, I eventually decided to make a momentous commitment and buy a flat… in the city.

Found my dream starter flat in a historic building in the city centre at an absolute steal. A bargain actually – I was lucky.

Here she is – small but adequate with loads of potential. I plan to fix it up, wall by wall and item by item. On this page I will document each and every fix and renovation and give you ideas and options to hopefully do the same to yours. Feel free to lend your ideas, I’m open to all options and styles.

For now, it is perfect. Take a look..

To be continued…