Techno Throwback: The Brick Non-Smart Phone.

binatone the brick phone

Touchscreens, voice-commands, smart apps and high res cameras have connected us to a constant online world, right?

But remember the good old days, when all you could do was phone or be phoned?

Well if you do, the Brick is bringing simple back. It’s a sturdy handset with an iconic style, simple function and a retro look that’s bound to turn a few heads (especially in the hipster parts of your city).

The Brick Phone

The phone offers many practical features, like a built-in flashlight, FM radio, and a battery with days of usage. Crazy, I know.

Check it out here from the Orange online store! R675 each, small change right?

THE BRICK from Media One on Vimeo.

For the first time in South Africa, you can buy a ‪Segway‬ online, exclusive to ‎DionWired‬!


For the first time in South Africa, you can buy a ‪Segway‬ online, exclusive to ‎DionWired‬!

“Enjoy the road less travelled.”

The X2 allows you to chart your own course. Its innovative design moves you over a variety of terrain, be it the grass in your backyard or the gravel and dirt in your favourite off road spot. Deeply treaded tires, scratch resistant fenders and higher ground clearance give you a smooth, stable ride, and the durability you’ve come to expect from Segway. And with the unmatched performance of Segway’s LeanSteer technology, your body will anticipate and conquer the trail ahead.



Get yours now >

segway x2 turf

A Momentous #Tech Upgrade.

For the past 2 years I have been patiently working on a Dell Inspiron mini netbook. My previous standard HP laptop fell from the overhead compartments on a bus trip from Athens to Agios Konstantinos port for a ferry to Skiathos, Greece. This naturally killed the screen and I had to bid farewell to the unit. Skiathos was worth it, by the way.

The Dell Inspiron Mini is great for everyday browsing and minor application usage but not a processing powerhouse at all. Great portability and impressive HD screen for its class.

DELL Inspiron Mini 1012

The current work pony.

Now a laptop is very much a personal choice based on your activities and reasons for use. I live online a major portion of everyday and work on fairly scary excel reports to which my faithful Inspiron battles to get through. Although I have learnt to be patient and adjust I have thrown the towel in and decided to upgrade and in the land of tech, go from basic to near tech heaven.

I decided on Lenovo firstly. This is partly due to their excellent branding and marketing prowess across all mediums (I am a marketer and this counts a lot). And their sheer market value and technical advancements.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z500

I have searched for the past few months on anything that grabs my attention with a few minimum specs in mind. Before I went Netbook I was an above average gamer so a competent graphics card was a must. Naturally for this the main specs would be fairly high to accommodate this display card. I had a minimum Memory (RAM) benchmark of 6GB, nothing less. If computing power for multi-tasking and heavy application usage is what you need then RAM is where you cannot compromise.

Of course, I wanted at least a 2.0 GHz processor and 500GB Hard drive volume to support my excel drudgery and various other applications.

With all this in mind the bottom line is… what is the damage? Initially I had budgeted around R7000 for a laptop with most of these specifications but after careful consideration and a sizeable discount I decided on the Lenovo Z500. Non touch as I am happy with the mouse and keyboard.

This beauty packs a punch with 8GB of RAM and a 2.2 GHz Intel i7 processor. HD LED screen and a 2GB Nvidia graphics card, along with 1TB of hard drive space. And to top it all off it looks incredible – a brushed metal interior with a backlit keyboard and a chocolate brown exterior. Sold.

Review to follow… ETA Mid September 2013. FFWD >>>

Lenovo Z500

Lenovo Z500

Lenovo Z500 Keyboard

The Ultimate Bachelor Bar Fridge: Marshall Fridge

The Marshall Bar Fridge, insanely cool & a must for any bachelor pad right?

I have been on the look out for a small bar fridge to fit in my pad but lets be serious, there is not much choice when it comes to styles or designs. It’s either white, black, silver, blue and if you want to pay extra you can have a flag design on the front door. That just does not do it for me. I need something with major attitude and this Marshall speaker inspired Bar fridge does the trick.

Unfortunately it is only available in the US and shipping to SA would cost an arm and a leg so it might not be a reality just yet. There was a contest to win a unit but that has ended. *assumes fetal position*

Check it out – you’ll thank me once you have –>

Marshall Bar Fridge

LEGEND. From the main stage to the man cave, the Marshall Fridge was born to rock. And with worldwide shipping included, the coolest Marshall can now be yours.