Who I am.

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I want to be a superhero. Yet to find the job posting.

My name is @DarrynLee with a y. I am a 29 year old bachelor from Jozi. My profession is my passion, no really it is, I am online all the time. I dabble in online marketing from social to paid media and learning every aspect of the digital realm. By day I am a PR and Social Media Manager for the coolest Agency on the block, One-eyed Jack! We promote, market, publicise the top South Africa events in the entertainment industry.

It has taken me sometime to fire up the blogging adventure and I am finally happy to say here it is, always incomplete but always interesting.

I am obsessed with the latest and coolest tech, blockbuster films and distant travels – it’s a problem. Oh, and a good old razzle, anytime anywhere.

Come in… Lets talk. There’s bound to be something of interest within!

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